Alert Labs Will Let You Monitor And Analyse Water And Power Sensors

I am sure you have those days when you have guests at home and you are sitting in the office wondering how much water they are using and what your water bill is going to look like this month. Or you are on a holiday and your neighbour calls up to say that some of the basements in your locality have been flooded and he is not sure about the status of your home.

With Alert labs, you can rest assured about water issues in your home by simply installing their detectors and keeping a tab on them over the phone. Flowie is a flow detector that simply straps on to your water meter and will detect water consumption as well as leaks and alert you when need be. Floodie is a wireless detector that can simply be placed around the house to know if there is flood like situation developing in your home. Both devices are battery operated and can even give you information about power outage at your home, temperatures, freezing etc. all on your smartphone.

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