How To Become A Master In Making Real Connections


A business known and being made well for the real connections a person made in his/her life. Then, probably no matter what business are you in. The all one-to-many count lies on understanding the world of network which you made. Businesses grow to heights, bringing huge insights into life for all. Some take a flight to further height and some being sold with founder planning for an instant new business on line.

What all this? And, for what grace, a company owner or a founder or a co-founder thinks like lightening fast speed. The answer stills the same, the more you know the people and the more people knows you, you will be in the brighter side. Possibly some will be because of recommendations or some through introductions.

Well, if the something above enough to cheer you up and let you interesting in how to become a master in making real connections, then this post is meant for you. A count here (better to know before, I am not figuring out things like what can be done or what possible, BUT mine only aim here is to help you figure it out that making some real hard fasten connections are the one which leads or at least helps you to take a step further towards the success chart.

#1 Understanding Your Core Belief

The first principle is nothing but a competition you are doing with yourself. You are keeping your eyes and ears open in learning (and in better understanding) the fact that what in real I actually believe in. Is it the work I do? Is the idea I worked on earlier? Or Is it the understanding of me to mineself, which makes me help in thinking that who in actual I am. Make sure you do aim on defining the core mission for yourself, your business venture, for your team and then figured out it by talking with people who are in and around you, sharing your belief to a larger extent.

#2 Introductions

Introducing yourself or others knowing you in a decent manner is something called as a nice start. But, in order to make it a successful start, it is important for you to make people understand that they will count you in. Doing this, will not only opens a door of new connection but also leads towards opening doors for you to grab new business opportunities along with long-term relationships. Always hold a good known courage in you to be a part of conversation which leads others either to introduce you or you will be able to grab an opportunity by which you can introduce yourself to others.

#3 Quality Always Wins

I still heard from people in mine network that holding a thing in large quantity makes huge sense but what if say, this is not correct, and then I am sure many people who know me disagree at first place. Well, let’s start in understanding what I meant by this statement “Quality Always Wins.” Say, suppose you know a lot of people or say a lot of people knows you but among them not even a single one is of any use to you, then here I say, what’s the benefit of a lot of such people knowing you.

Contrasting again on same situation, where a lot of people knows you who in actual either belongs to the area of industry you are serving or more efficiency wise, they are related to you through one or more common connections. This is such a condition where quality clearly wins as it will helps you grab now more number of connections which you are in search of in real (instead of the one which makes no or very little sense to you).

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