Best Programming Languages You Should Think Of Learning


People often search over the web and ask others the questions that “Which programming language is the best one should think of learning?” Although many get the answers while other still get confused in understanding the things. Well to ease your job in thinking and deciding on that to opt which programming language, NextBigProduct has compiled the “best programming language” list for you which we think you should think of learning.

#1 Java

Developed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s, Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language. It is designed in such a way so that it can work on number of different software platforms. The language is one of the best programming languages and is always on top of everyone list who wants to learn a language. One can learn the language through,, Udemy and

#2 C Language

C Language is the one which works as the foundation stone of many other languages while being developed back in early 1970s; C is the oldest and most widely used programming language. Because of its general-purpose and imperative programming language in nature, it works as on providing the building block for C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. One can learn the language through, and Learn-C.

#3 C++

C++ is basically used to develop application software, client applications, high-performance server and system software. It works as an intermediate-level language which comes equipped with OO programming features which was originally designed in a way to enhance the C language. One can learn the language through, Udemy, and

#4 C#

Developed by Microsoft as a part of its .NET initiative, C# (pronounced “C-Sharp”) is a multi-paradigm language which combines principles from both C and C++. One can learn the language through, Udemy and

#5 PHP

PHP is a programming language which is behind in powering over millions of websites over the web, including that of WordPress, Digg etc. PHP (Hypertext Processor) is mainly a free, server-side scripting programming language which is designed for dynamic websites and app development. One can learn the language through, Udemy, and Treehouse.

#6 Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language which is dynamic in nature and is basically used for developing websites and mobile apps. It is a user-friendly language and it works on powering the Ruby on Rails framework. One can learn the language through RubyMonk, Codecademy and Code School.

#7 Python

Python is a server-side scripting language which powers the web apps for sites like Rdio, Pinterest and Instagram. The language is considered as an easy language to learn for beginners because of its compact syntax. One can learn the language through, Codecademy, Udemy and

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