Best Tech Presents For IT Professionals

If someone you love works in IT business, it is often tempting to indulge your laziness and buy them a little something tech related for their birthday, or your anniversary. However, no matter how cute that USB stick is, they probably have a billion of them already and, although they won’t say anything, they will secretly hate it. You only have so much data you need to transfer.

Fortunately, there is a wide and rich range of computer accessories they may not possess but will actually find them very useful. Browse through this list and you will still be lazy, but the special someone might like it this time.


Chill mat

One of the biggest problems with laptops, especially once we’ve had them for a while and they had time to collect dust in their ventilation system, is that they overheat. The excess heat not only affects the performance, but it can also be harmful for our health (exposing your lap to heat can cause a number of serious conditions). Chill mat is, therefore, a very useful accessory and if you take time to pick the right one for you, you won’t even notice it after a while.


Extended laptop battery

While we are waiting for wireless electricity (spoiler alert: we might wait some more), we have to get used to the fact that we will never be completely satisfied with our battery life. There are techniques to maximize it in the long run, but not so many when it comes to making them last through the day.

Although it cannot completely solve our problem (sooner or later, we simply need to recharge), extended laptop battery can make our life a little bit more comfortable. This is especially great if your loved one commutes for a long time every day, and not even a Toshiba ultrabook they own can support them.


Privacy screen

A lot of us use laptops while commuting, but not all of us are ready to share the contents of our screens with just about anyone who passes around us. Your IT professional may even have a couple of business secrets to hide! This is why there is an accessory called privacy screen, which you put on your laptop’s screen and it effectively shrinks the view angle of your display, making it impossible for anyone but you to see its contents. Getting a privacy screen can be a lifesaver next time the receiver of the present decides to do some banking on the train.


Wireless speakers

When you two are away and want to enjoy a bit of good music on the road, their laptop alone will not do. If there is one thing laptops are bad at, it’s sound reproduction. How many times have you heard something like this? Their bodies are just to small to accommodate quality speakers and, although there are models which go a long way in producing bearable sound quality, it’s hard to make an impromptu party using only your portable computer’s integrated speakers. Wireless speakers will use Bluetooth to connect and will provide you with quality which is a class or two above the original sound of the machine.

So, there you go, a couple of choices to set your mind to work. There’s plenty more accessories available on the market and be sure you will find everything from completely random nonsense to awesomely useful things. Just stop thinking about that cute USB stick you saw in the store!

Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with tenyears of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites.

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