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Although Windows Phone store doesn’t offer that much number of apps as what it counterparts offer. But with recent times, and thanks to more and more Windows Phone coming into existence, people are now opting for Windows Phone platform devices. Thinking the same, here I am sharing the best of Windows Phone apps which you will definitely love to use.

Network Speed Test

Network Speed Test can provide you detailed information about the upload and download speeds of your internet connections. [Download]

Splashtop Personal

Splashtop Personal – Remote Desktop for Windows Phone gives you high-performance remote access to your PC or Mac from your Windows Phone. [Download]


TouchDevelop lets you create apps on your phone, share them with other people! [Download]


TeamViewer lets you remote control Windows, Mac, and Linux computers with the help of app within seconds. [Download]


Token2Shell/WP is an SSH client that let you securely access your servers using encryption algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). [Download]


LastPass for Windows Phone allows you to access your logins and secure notes anywhere. [Download]

Password Generator

Password Generator creates passwords quickly and easily with settings that allow you to meet your corporate password requirements. [Download]

Network Tools

Network Tools is a networking client which allows you to make queries to DNS, make a WHOIS queries, PING remote servers, check HTTP headers, check local time offset against network NTP servers and also allows you to track your location internal and external IP addresses. [Download]


NetSuite is a modern-style component hub provides real-time, visual and textual updates about your phone’s connection status and serves as a navigation platform for system dialogs and app utilities/views. [Download]


The Authenticator app generates security codes you can use to help keep your Microsoft account secure. You can add your Microsoft account to the app by scanning a barcode or by manually entering a secret key. [Download]

My Server

My Server for Windows Phone is an application designed to help you keep seamlessly connected to your server resources through Windows smart phones. [Download]

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