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Does your epiphany for a good name for your website lead you to the words, ‘This domain is already taken’? Very often, we see that the fun and quirky domain names are taken by people, who are not even using them. While this seems to be the end of the road, it actually isn’t so. Many people buy domain names just so that they can sell it for a better price and you do not scratch your head to come up with a better name, all you need to do is visit Undeveloped.

A marketplace for unused domain names, Undeveloped helps you connect with owners of domain names that have been bought but not used. Yes, so if you have a bunch of domain names, you are not using, you can simply create an account on the site and put them up for sale right away. All it takes if a few clicks. All transactions on the website are escrow protected and you can rest assured about payments coming your way once a sale is completed.

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