Calendars At Your Fingers Via Cronofy


If your app uses a calendar service, you must be well aware of how difficult it is to integrate data from calendars of different operating systems. There is the Google Calendar and then the iCalendar, Outlook works on its own whimsy and so does Office 365. No matter how busy and difficult the back end gets, you simply cannot afford to mess up on the customer’s side. Imagine booking two customers at the same time and venue just because their devices are different. Nobody would understand it, even if you were telling the truth.

But Cronofy can save you from any such embarrassment by acting as your OAuth2 provider. So when a user makes a booking/ event through your App, Cronofy generates a unique token for the booking/event, irrespective of the Calendar service/ device the user is using and then hands over the further processing to your app. No more overlaps, no missed appointments. No doubt Evernote, Appointed, Skyscanner, Zendesk, all use Cronofy!

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