Celebrate Local Shopping Via GetNow.At


Don’t you just hate it that after a hard day’s work you have to step out again to get some essentials like sugar or tea powder? The convenience store is no longer convenient because you have to wait for your turn to come and supermarkets are a headache altogether, from finding parking to waiting at the till to get your billing done. Wouldn’t it be just simpler, if you could sit at home and everything was brought to your doorstep?

Well, it GetNow.At is the store to go to, if you want everything delivered at home, from grocery to electronics, office supplies and even cakes. Just register on the site and open the world of possibilities for yourself. Get Now At works with trusted local stores in your city, so you can be assured of delivery in 6 hours or less and if you have an issue with a product, they follow a ‘No questions asked’ policy.

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