Chrysalis Vision Aims To Work With Writers To Develop And Produce Ambitious And Authored Drama

Writers often complain that their original ideas do not get the necessary attention from production houses and they are often forced to change their scripts in order to see them go into production. If you are such a writer who has faith in his story, then you must approach Chrysalis.

The team at Chrysalis has decades of experience in production and various types of media. Yet, they know that the story is at the heart of a series that people like to watch and therefore, keep writers at the heart of their production plans. Including writers all the way from conception to transmission of the show ensures that you as a writer have complete freedom to express yourself and your story and contribute to its success of becoming a popular series. Chrysalis primary market is the UK and other international broadcasters but is more than willing to experiment different formats as well.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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