Every Business Needs To Find Solutions To These 5 Marketing Tech Challenges

If you want your business to succeed, you need to market it. However, while this may be common knowledge, it is often easier said than done. The reason is that marketing technology is constantly changing. What worked last year or a few months ago may not be what works best for finding business success now.

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The growth of social networking and mobile internet access has resulted in a sudden increase of technologies that monetize on social evolution. For marketers, navigating this sea of opportunity can be an incredible challenge, particularly when new apps and trends seem to popup on a daily basis.

While a self service advertising platform may be useful in helping you monetize your business, it is first important to know what the 5 mobile technology challenges are that every business faces. After all, before you can choose the best methods for solving these issues, you need to know what they are.

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A lack of digital skills – According to Capgemini Consulting, its Digital Talent Gap study revealed that 90% of businesses are lacking essential talent that is required for key areas of social media, internal social networks, mobile, performance monitoring and analysis, and process automation. Businesses need tech-savvy employees who can do more than a simple android update.

The speed of change – The rate in which technology changes continues to accelerate. Companies that perform well are continuously adapting with emerging opportunities and technologies. However, to be able to keep up with the latest trends and changes, this takes a person who has a keen understanding of marketing technology. Without this kind of person, most companies will sink.

Redundancy is unavoidable – Even though there are thousands of marketing technologies to choose from, eventually every business will fall into redundancy with their marketing technology stack. While it may be unavoidable, marketers need to adopt a strategy that allows them to recognize when it happens and prevent it when possible.

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Finding the right business solution – Just as you may have discovered that a Dual-sim smartphone may be your best travelling companion, so do you need to discover what marketing solution works best for your business. This is a challenge because even after you find the solution you then need to integrate the necessary technologies by all means necessary.

Slow evolution – Businesses that succeed are forward-thinking and are not afraid to take chances and make necessary changes. Those companies that stick to one comfort zone fall into a steady rhythm that often leads to slow evolution and the death of their business. Simply put: companies that don’t take chances get left behind.

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