Farmcrowdy Working Towards Farmers Empowerment

Agriculture is the back bone of the economy of many developing countries. Agriculture helps feed the entire planet and the demand for food is never going to reduce. Putting this logic together it only makes sense that farmers do really well. but sadly that is never the case. Farmers end up getting the worst part of the bargain- they are under paid and over worked. But there is a growing awareness among urban cultures around the world and the desire to help irradiate this unnatural divide.

Companies like FarmCrowdy are great platforms that help farmers get the necessary financial security and protection as well as helps urban people connect and help farms. But feeding the world is no small task. It is daunting, the demands are always high and many a times farmers are not equipped to handle the growing demands of the consumer market.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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