Flip Technologies Lets You Track All The Tricks You Do While Playing Games

Flip Technologies

How is it that we have compared our FarmVille and Candy Crush scores even with acquaintances but do not speak of our sporting abilities of our real life? Flip Technologies is a start up company looking to change just that. The team at Flip Technologies is passionate about Flip Boarding and wants to take the sport to a new level altogether. This is why; these young men have come up with Ride Block, an innovative device that snugly fits into your Flip Board quite easily. This water proof and shock proof device simply replaces your conventional riser and nobody will even notice.

With a simple app, you can now track all the tricks you do and even learn how to do new ones.  Just like Candy Crush, you can even share your real life scores with others who like flip boarding. Your dashboard will help you keep a track on your fitness and keep your personal profile in good shape. What’s more, the app works on Android as well as iPhones. The Ride Block is currently available only if you pre-order, so go ahead and order yours!

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