Fly Drones Autonomously With Dronomy


Drones are changing the way our world works. Not only are these devices great for military purposes, they are now making inroads into our civilian lives as well. From dropping medicines to your doorstep to help you carry out surveillance of your entire farm, drones are slowly and surely becoming a part of our daily routine. But there is one major issue. Drones need to be controlled remotely and that’s the kink Dronomy is working to remove.

Combining technical expertise with real world experience in handling air force units, the team at Dronomy is now working on developing technology that can allow drones to fly autonomously. The multi-disciplinary team at Dronomy aims to usher in a new age of drones that can sense and avoid obstacles in their flying path and make their journey’s unsupervised and unattended. A product we are eager looking towards in the future.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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