Forget Cash, Remember MONI


Have you been in a position where you are stuck cashless, somewhere remote and no ATM around for miles. You could be returning from a friend’s party, might be returning from the airport or simply in a different part of the country you do not know much about. While you can always call for help, having cash at hand would be better. For times like these, MONI was born and it is MONI that can save you.

In this new age of smartphones, money had to get smarter. So what if the banks are still treating money the traditional way? There are others who will. With MastercardMoni, you get the flexibility of using your cash your way, no matter where you are. At the airport, at the grocery store or sitting at your friends house and lending him money is all possible without having to keep hard cash with you. Just fill up money with your bank account or credit and debit card and enjoy the pleasures of the world with just your smartphone by your side.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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