Get Best Beauty Sale Offers At Stylofie


Your beauty care and parlor selection is a very sensitive matter. From cosmetics to the beauty parlor, you would like the best service and product at the most competitive prices and better still if there can be a discount or package deal thrown in.

The Haryana based Indian company Sylofie is doing this for you. The cool company online service offers you to pick the service you want (to make your booking), the location in your area which you prefer, your time and beautician preference (male or female). The company holds a great data bank for all your chosen preferences.

Sylofie has an amazing range of offers from online cosmetics purchase / delivery, a rundown and comparison of services/rates of salons in your area, discounts on booking and paying through the website, SMS confirmation of booking details and a cash back offer for writing a review on the webpage.

Indeed an attractive and valuable online tool for beauty care and customer support.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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