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Does your business deal with a lot of foreign exchange transactions? Is your banks quote for the foreign currency very different from prevalent market rates? Well, you are not the first one to find this out. While we trust the banks with our money, the same banks end up fleecing us with their hidden charges and poor rates for foreign exchange. You can now put an end to this fleecing by signing up with Currency Transfer, a site that can offer you different quotes for your foreign exchange transactions.

Simply sign up for free on this site and ask for quotes, compare them and even check with your bank. We are sure you will find a better deal with the site and then lock the deal that suits you the best. Simply transfer the money using an online transfer and follow up on the international transaction through the Currency Transfer website. Get complete freedom to book your foreign exchange for now or even up to 12 months in advance. Always get transparent rates at Currency Transfer.

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