Goodera Aims To Power The World With Goods

Powering the World of good, that is the moto of the company – Goodera, and rightly so. Today we are a community that is becoming more obsessed with progress, upping our technology and our mark on the global market, but seldom do we even think of the ripple effects that may have on the environment, the people or even the globe on the whole. Growing exponentially sounds good on paper, when your only aim is to progress a certain segment of the society, not when you are thinking of the whole. That is when things get a little tricky, and that is when companies like Goodera come in. CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is something we need more than ever today and with Goodera, we can rest assured that the social wheel is still moving in the right direction.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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