Have It, Grab It, The Best Rolls At RollMafia


If you are bored tasting the same Punjabi dishes in every restaurant all over the city, then it is high time you tried something different. No not something Jamaican or Japanese, we are talking about our very own Kolkata food that is delicious and refreshing. If you are still unaware of what we are talking about, Kolkata is known for more than its puchkas and sweets and that is for its kathi rolls and aroma filled biryani and Roll Mafia is bringing the authentic taste to your city very soon.

Whether it is the month of Shravan or the occasion of Friendship Day, kathi rolls are the great way to celebrate and at RollMafia you have the wide variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian rolls. If you are looking to a more elaborate meal, then dive into the delicious kebabs and the Kolkata styled dum biryanis. The elaborate menu works well even for an office lunch since everybody gets what they want and its not the same old Paneer butter masala and nan every time. Drop into their stores or simply order online for food to be delivered to you.  Currently available in Patna and Pune, RollMafia will soon open stores all over the country.

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