Hire Vans With Just A Few Clicks Via GoGoVan


Hiring a taxi is an easy job. But when you need a Van to move goods, where do you go? Thankfully, GoGoVan is here, a free to use app that lets you hire vans with just a few clicks on your Android as well as iOS phones. Wth more than ten thousand registered professional drivers, GoGoVan has the largest fleet in Hong Kong and their user friendly app gives you all necessary information such as driver contact, number plates and even an estimated fare in a snap. Unlike call centres, there is no waiting in queue for the GoGoVan app and you can get the best rated drivers for your requirement at any time, night or day. Whether you are moving your house or just routinely moving goods from warehouse to your store, want to arrange door delivery for your customer or move your loved pet to your new residence, GoGoVan is the app you need.

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