Instant Car Pools, Childcare, Playdates And More With KangaDo App


Balancing work and life was much easier when we were single. But once you have kids and they walk out of their prams, a 50 hour day is also not enough to get things done. This is when the leap of KangaDo can set things right. What are we talking about? Well, it’s the best app for parents that works on Androids as well as iPhones and can help you organize your kids’ busy schedules along with yours.

Whether it is scheduling a car pool or arranging for a nanny, talking about child diets or just picking up your kid from school, you can use the Kangado app to organize it all. Plus, if you need a little help, you can always ask for it from other parents in your group and even keep a tab on whether the nanny has reached home on time or not, all with Kangado!

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