Language Quantified With Prattle Analytics

Did you think that policies of an individual politician are affecting the world? Do you think that markets are responding to tweets rather than the ground scenarios? Well, it you do, you have not come across Prattle’s stories yet.

A tweet may come and go but communication from corporate houses, central banks, government agencies are going to stay. By analysing the public communications of these large organizations and their history, Prattle Analytics can now tell whether the sentiment in hawkish or dovish and the expected impact of their communication / actions on the market.

As a trader, you can then use these scores to draw up your plans of investment or divestment from the market. People can read the signs wrong or be biased but Prattle always delivers the tradable information in a fast and unbiased manner. Why not try it today?

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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