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With every passing year, the occurrence of lifestyle related illnesses is on the rise. We are doing a good job to combat diseases that are infections and threateningly invasive, at least we are better off now than say a century ago where life expectancy depended on what season or what organism was attacking the local rats. But as we have come out of that era, we have stepped into an age that brings with it a whole new set of quandaries. Our eating habits, our lifestyles, not to mention the innumerable allergies that we have to take into consideration when we think of taking a toddler for a walk in the park; we have come out of one medically bleak era and stepped into another. But all is not lost, we still have help at hand with sites like CureJoy, that brings together, experts of holistic living, naturopathy as well as Ayurveda to help you live a better more natural life.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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