Lob Lets You Perform Real-Time Tracking For Your Postcards, Letters And Checks

There is something very warm about receiving and sending mail, we all love toit. If you keep your wastage to the minimum, you can send paper bound mail guilt free, but doing at a company level can get a little challenging. If you are serious about using regular mail for your company’s communication might I introduce you to Lob, your partner when it comes to sending and managing mail. Lob is an Application Program Interphone layer that makes sending paper bound mail as easy as sending email. What is more Lob helps you through the entire process, managing your contacts as well as the load of sending it to each recipient. Lob works it out in such a way where you end up saving time, money while being able to trace the entire process.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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