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Running a business online is no easy task and neither is it conventional. While many businesses that don’t rely heavily on online traffic have their sales representative to do the talking and selling for them, it is not the same with online businesses. For us there is email, text messages that really do all the talking for us. But can an automated service be burdened with the responsibility of selling your product and keeping in touch with potential customers and clients. While there are loads of apps out there that send out messages and emails on the bulk, very few live up to the mark. But there are a few that know what people want and are out there to offer it. One such app is SendPulse.

Why SendPulse

If your communication needs are more than just sending out bulk email, SendPulse is the app for your business. Emailing apps out there are pretty primitive and are restricted to just sending out a standard format email to a bunch of addresses from your list. Working with such apps can get frustrating especially if you are looking to send customised emails to a batch of people or perhaps schedule the emails at different times, these intricacies, in such cases, have to be overlooked. But there is respite, unlike other email apps out there, SendPulse uses an artificial intelligence platform that works smartly and caters to your specific needs while sending out messages, notifications and emails. So you can time your emails depending on your reader’s time zone, have your emails and messages customised and personalised all of which help you reach a higher opening rate. With the AI’s assistance on SendPulse you can plan different emails for different batches as well make each email personal to the reader making the whole process seem less mechanical.

The features

With its unique features and functionality, SendPulse has an incredible system that helps increase open rate, i.e. higher rate of opened and read emails. SendPulse is constantly developing features that help improve their established AI, improving its functionality helping you better reach your customers. The AI also has a “Resend to Unopened” feature that increases your open rate by 30-80%. Features like “Email follow up” and “Web push follow up” also help increase open rate by up to 30% which is great for your business.

SendPulse also helps your optimize your content so that you can engage with your readers. With this app you can send out messages on not one but three platforms, email, SMS as well as web push notification, increasing your marketing coverage and reaching a larger audience. Apart from that the web push notifications offered is free.

Pricing And Conclusion

You can start using SendPulse for free (if you got less than 2500 subscribers) while if you got more, then SendPulse offers two options – Monthly Subscription and Pay As You Go – which you can considerably use as per your set requirements. Plus, if in case, you got the requirement of over 1 million subscribers, then simply consider opting for VIP plan.

With so much to offer it is no wonder why SendPulse was recognised by The Next Web as one of the best start-ups of 2016, and it also among the three finalist of the 2016 Next Web SCALE programme. If you are an organisation looking to send bulk email but are fed up with what is already being offered, try SendPulse, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Editorial Team

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