Meet DCHQ, A Platform For Container-based Application Development


Is your development team struggling to develop innovative solutions for your customers on time? Is your customer’s business too big to be handled by your company’s current process flow? Have you considered using a more streamlined and container based application development to speed up your delivery rates?

DCHQ is a governance platform for Docker based application development and helps you establish a self service access to Docker based applications on any registered Linux machine, thereby helping in faster collaboration between your development teams and also restrict access to data where required.

With the ability to backup and roll back database and also auto-heal, DCHQ helps in keeping your data secure while also allowing its other features such as extensible plugins to help you create great apps for your customers. Currently in beta, DCHQ is available as a SaaS for personal as well as business users and will soon be available as an on-premise solution.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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