Meet GoCo, Streamlined HR + Expert Advisors

So, your startup is doing pretty well for its age and business is slowly growing. You are happy with your work so far and have even employed a few people. But since, you are no longer on your own, you also need to look into legal matters for your employees. So, what do you do, hire a HR manager and pay extra salary or take it up yourself to save some money. The answer is use GoCo and save money because its free.

GoCo is the all in one ultra-modern HR personnel all companies have been looking for. Except that it is software. From collecting documents from your new employees, calculating payroll, taking care of benefits and the paper work associated with it, GoCo takes care of everything and will even integrate with your existing payroll system, if you do not want to disturb that. Above all, it works like a charm and is absolutely free!

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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