Meet High Purity Quartz Materials, Bringing Innovation For The Solar And Semi-conductor Industries

High Purity Quartz Materials

The dream of a digital future is possible if we can supply high quality semi conductor materials in the present.  The Internet of Things (IoT), where devices will communicate with each other, requires that high quality raw material is available for these devices to function efficiently. Although, we are able to meet our needs at the moment, high quality raw material will be critical to sustain our current rate of growth in this area.

HP Quartz aims to be a global supplier of this raw material when it begins its production in the coming years. With assets that are 99.9% pure silica in pure state, HPQ aims to become a reliable supplier of high quality raw materials. Supporting the adoption of Solar PV equipment with its superior quality raw materials, HP Quartz is leading us to a more connected and greener future.

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