Meet InstaCab, Cheapest Intercity Taxi Offering


Long gone are those days, when you had to walk down to a taxi stand and plead the taxi driver to travel to the destination of your choice in the city. But all that has changed now. With Radio Taxis and their swanky apps, a taxi will be waiting for you when you want, whether day or night, bus station, restaurant or airport, where ever you want.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about traveling outside the city. Even this world of smartphone apps, we are still at the mercy of a travel agent to get a good price for a taxi ride and above all a decent driver, who will not make your journey miserable. Not anymore.

With InstaCab, you can now get a taxi to travel to another city at the price of a Volvo bus ticket. Also, InstaCab gives you the option to share your ride with someone else, so that your bills are lower but your level of comfort stays the same. Cheaper fares, trained drivers and car comfort, why else would you book a Volvo bus ticket anymore, when InstaCab is here.

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