Meet Mobalytics, The Personal Performance Analytics For Competitive Gamers

If you are a serious gamer looking for tools to better your game, Mobalytics is what you need. Mobalytics is an integrated system that helps you analyse, rate and critique your game so that you can learn and perform from your mistakes. You can measure how you play, giving you a metric for each aspect of your game – like consistence, team play, farming etc.

Grading you on a GPI, i.e. Gamer Performance Index – which is allotted to you by measuring your performance on eight different criteria’s, fighting, vision, farming, aggression, survivability, team play consistency, and versatility, you can measure your performance and check your progress on a tangible scale. This is one of the features that Mobalytics has, you can check out the site for more details.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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