Meet PurpleBricks, The World’s First 24/7 Estate Agent


Are you looking to let or sell your house? How much percent commission is your estate agency going to charge you? Will you get the price you are asking for? How soon will you get your buyer / tenant? Will your estate agency charge your additionally for convincing? These are the questions you need to ask your estate agent. But if you are working with PurpleBricks, then there is not much to do.

After you call PurpleBricks, their local expert comes in for a free valuation, takes pictures, draws a plan of the house and puts it up for 1000s of potential buyers / tenants to see. No need to pay any fees now. When a buyer/ tenant is finalised, all you a need to pay is GBP 798, not a penny more, irrespective of the value of the sale. With 99% of properties sold/ rented at asking price, there is no doubt that PurpleBricks is the largest growing estate agency in the UK.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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