Meet RallyTeam, A New Kind Of Talent Mangement


Often in an office setup do we see some employees over burdened with work while others complaining that they do not get enough opportunities? There are also the introvert types that do not step forward an opportunity arises. So how do you as a manager, ensure that your team is utilised well and works to its full potential. In the olden days, commanders would rally their troops. The modern day commander uses RallyTeam.

RallyTeam is a simple tool that lets you create a database of your entire team and know their entire set of skills. When a new project or task comes up, you can simply notify your team members of its existence and all those interested will sign up. You can assign the task to the right person according to his/her skills and use the feedback loop to keep your team motivated. RallyTeam also encourages participation from multiple departments and fosters innovation as well. With RallyTeam, you now have a team that is eager, motivated, agile and working to its full potential.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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