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Room In The Moon

When travelling anywhere around the world, the first thing which knocks one’s head is that where I will live all the time i.e. is it a hotel, a room share or a hostel. Since options are available from one-to-many but it is always good to have known all the things well in advance. This is because the start-up I am going to share with you guys today serves the purpose and is name as Room in the Moon.

Room in the Moon is basically a social travel network that connects people moving to the same city or country while keeping an eye on sharing information about places, its members can book rooms in flatshares around the world. The advantage it offers to you is that not only you get a cheaper option of staying at new place but also to meet new people from different countries around the world.

Like it, then explore your next trip with Room In The Moon.

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The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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