Meet SchoolShape, A Tech-Fluent Language Lab That Got People Talking


No doubt with a way by which technology makes it stands clear on every possible outlook of life, the very same it makes it entrant in the world of education also. This is because the today’s company which we are featuring belongs to education niche and is name as SchoolShape.

If sharing what this start-up does, then in simple words, SchoolShape is a cloud-based language learning platform which helps making teachers lives easier with by integrating different strategies in hand. SchoolShape basically creates a virtual language lab where teachers can give assignments, test and moreover even shared learning materials with others.

The best part further it not only offers teachers an opportunity but it also gives students a chance to practice communicating whenever they wish too. Sounds good, huh? Then explore SchoolShape today.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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