Meet Waynaut, A Multimodal Directions As A Service Tool


It is easy to give directions to your friends for your house warming party. It is easy to guide someone to your office location. But would you like to be bombarded with phone calls about how to reach the hotel, when you are making arrangements for your company’s biggest conference ever.

To let your guests or potential customers reach you without any hassle, you can use Waynaut, a simple and effective tool that will help your clients reach you from any part of the globe. Simply integrate this tool on the website or your app and your guests can find the best way to reach you.

Unlike the contemporary map services available which only show you the route, Waynaut actually helps you find the best method to reach your destination. Yes, your guests are not limited to buses and taxis alone. If the site of origin is far, your guests can find information about car pools, when you use Waynaut on your site or app.

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