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Anybody who has even heard about the internet would say that it is a great learning place. Web pages, blogs, podcasts, video casts, webinars, online learning environments are just a few of the places where you can get heaps of information about anything and everything. A simple search engine can connect you to thousands and thousands of places where you can get the information you seek. But ask anybody who has done this and they say that there is a lot of repetitive information on the internet and not a lot of sources that you can really trust. For that you need Zeqr.

Information sharing should be extremely easy in the age of the internet but is quite difficult due to the sheer number of people using it. There is no single authority for a given subject matter that one can follow to get the information they need. Even the powerful seeming search engines falter when you ask some deep probing questions. At such times, you need to connect to an expert and that is exactly what Zeqr can do. A global knowledge hub, Zeqr harnesses the potential of the internet to help you connect with the experts of various fields through a simple login. Unlike a question for a, where you put up your doubts and cross your fingers, hoping somebody would answer them,  Zeqr allows you to interact directly with the experts as if you were sitting in the same room and ask all the doubts you want.

How does Zeqr achieve that? By using their platform as a marketplace to connect subject experts with information seekers. By incentivising the experts to spend time with seekers, Zeqr ensures that the subject experts return to the marketplace more often than they would to a free forum.  Whenever an information seeker has a doubt, he/ she can visit the Zeqr site and look for experts to connect to. Experts usually charge a fee for spending time answering doubts and display their availability over the next few days along with their fees on the site. One can simply choose which expert they would like to go with and book a class on the platform.

Yes, not only does Zeqr connect you with the right experts, it also provides all the tools you might need to ask your doubts and seek clarification. The platform allows its users to make and receive audio as well as video calls. In addition to this, there are screen sharing options that allow users to share information more freely in real time and without wasting too much time going through emails and attachments.

The advantage of booking a class with the expert is that the information sharing can happen at a time convenient to both the parties. Unlike a traditional learning environment which is time bound or a massive online open learning (MOOL) environment, which uses a lecture based system of learning, Zeqr provides a highly interactive and flexible method of learning. The expert can quickly adapt his class depending on the level of expertise of the user, something that is impossible is any of the teaching methods.

The cost of each class depends largely on the time the expert is dedicating as well as the difficulty of subject matter and the number of participants in the class. Zeqr allows multiple information seekers to join a class from an expert and that could substantially lower the cost of the class. After every class, the Zeqr seeks feedback from seekers on the quality of the class. It uses this feedback as a part of its quality control to ensure that all experts in the marketplace are bringing their A-game to the table. Any grievances against a class can be reported to the team at Zeqr Support who will investigate the matter before releasing the payments and are available 24×7.

Users proficient in areas such as business, communication, personal health, and lifestyle and technology arena are the most sought out experts on the marketplace and the platform even provides some premium plans to enhance their profiles. All payments for class are held in an escrow account for four days to seek feedback after which they are deposited into the expert account.

By connecting information seekers to experts, Zeqr is revolutionizing the way people learn around the world. Addressing the loop holes in traditional learning methods, Zeqr makes it convenient for information to be shared in a more open and flexible manner. Individual attention and custom learning options along with the availability of multiple experts in different domains make Zeqr extremely attractive as a learning tool. It is only a matter of time before people turn to similar learning methods around the world with Zeqr as its pioneer in offering such a marketplace. With Zeqr, learning is now convenient, inexpensive and flexible too!

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