How To Monetize Your Website


Starting a blog or a website, getting visitors to subscribe and asking them to come back everytime by offering something new is a huge ask. It is only human to ask for some returns after you have put in so much effort.  There are a lot of options available when it comes to making money from your blog and many bloggers have written about them to. But having a list of 30 odd ways to make money from your website is not enough. What you really need are options that really work. So, here is our list of top 5 ways to monetize your website.

In text ads

For a website or a blog, content is a king while In-text ads are a great way to utilize your already existing content for maximum gains. Your site’s visitors already like your content and now they can find something relevant through your blog/ website when you use In-text ads. If you are looking for a trusted provider for these services, then Infolinks is something that you should consider.

Affiliate program

While In text ads will serve you well, they are a little bit of the indirect approach to monetizing. A more direct way would be signing up for an Affiliate program, where you get paid for every sale that originates from your website. It could be a book, a smartphone, gardening tool or even a solar panel that your visitor might end up buying, but you will receive a pre-agreed fixed percentage of the sale amount into your account when you use an affiliate program. People tend to prefer Amazon when it comes to Affiliate programs, but you are free to choose something else, if it offers products that are closer to your niche.

Webinars/ Lectures/ Guides

If selling someone else’s wares is not your thing, then why not make money using your own skills? If you have expertise in a particular area or have a strong opinion or unique point of view to a story, why not host a webinar or a lecture series on your website. Your readers might be more than willing to pay to see you on a screen or interact with you in a video conference and you can still make money from your site.

Paid Posts

If you are not the kind who would like to stand up and give people advice from a podium, then probably write a review post for a product/ service, with the exception that you will be getting paid for this. There are quite a few sites such as PayPerPost that will let you know who is looking for reviews of their products/ services and is willing to pay for them. If you think that you can write a comprehensive review for them, then there is money to be made. Just a note, it would be nice to tell your readers that the review is a paid one.

Advertising Space

This is the most common way of monetizing your website and is also largely overdone. Websites sign up with multiple Ad Services such as Google AdSense and end up filling their well-crafted website with banners that readers get put off by. Banner Ads can be effective when properly done and can even get you splendid results if you can sell the space uniquely to a particular relevant product rather than using something like AdSense. Having said that, services like AdSense can bring in the money quite quickly since they are the preferred choice for advertisers as well.

We hope that this short post has helped you narrow down your choices and you do enjoy monetary success with your blog!

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