Now Cycle To Work With Zehus


Cycling to work is a lot of fun and great for the environment too. Many would love to cycle to work but distance to the office, the uphill climb and the tiredness that follows makes cycling unthinkable, and that’s why they choose a motor bike. A few years ago electric cycles hit the markets and were a great alternative to motor bikes but somewhere the heavy load of batteries and the tangle of wires made them undesirable.

Zehus has come up with the best solution to these problems by assembling everything needed for an electric bike in a single case that fits on the rear wheel of your cycle. Yes, wires and battery packs are now history thanks to Zehus but that’s not all. The device connects easily with your smartphone via a bluetooth and lets you customize it with a few simple taps and slides. Choose when you want to ride your cycle the way you want to ride with Zehus Bike+.

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