Opt For Two Pore Guys For Handheld Diagnostic Tests

If somebody in your office has been sneezing, you would really like to know if they have the flu so that necessary precautions can be taken. If your pet is sick, you take him to the vet so that he can be tested for the infection. But what if we told you that a simple hand held device can tell you what your colleague or pet is suffering from with you having to make a trip to the hospital?

Two Pore Guys is a company based in Santa Cruz, California that has developed a simple handheld device that can correctly identify viruses, bacteria and other organisms by using a simple sample stick. This device is extremely easy to use and gives results instantly. So, whether you are in the grocery store, in your kitchen garden or out on a camping trip, you can take this device with you and know what exactly you are dealing with in a matter of minutes.

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