Security Android Apps You Must Carry While Traveling Alone


They say that traveling the world is the one thing that everyone must do in their lives as there is nothing else that is quite fulfilling. The new connected world we live in has also made it possible to stay safer than ever before with the help of just a few applications installed on your phone.

Here are a few must-have applications on your Android phone while you are traveling.

Location alert Applications

These are applications that utilize the GPS navigation system on all smart phones these days and in case of an emergency send out an alert to pre-programmed numbers with your location. React, safe, on watch are some of the applications that serve this function and are available on Android.


It is difficult to get your bearings in a foreign country especially in case of a mishap. This Application will help you locate the nearest emergency room to your location with a single click. This is a must have for anyone traveling abroad alone or in a group.

Alarm applications

This set of applications is generally believed to be useful for women who are traveling although it is helpful to have on the phone for both sexes. In case of an assault or perceived threat, applications like Scream Alarm, SOS Siren Alarm, and SOS whistle will make noise and draw attention to you and cannot be disabled without entering in a pass code.

Travel Safe

This application is a free application that is available on Android and helps provide emergency numbers of services like the fire department, police, hospitals, all night taxi services, car breakdown services and others. You can feed in your destination beforehand and the application will cache the numbers offline so that they will be available even in case you do not have access to the internet.

Google Translate

This app is a wonderful tool to have with you wherever you are traveling. Even though most countries have directions, instructions and signage in English, there will be times when you wished you knew the local language. Voila! With Google translate you will be able to see and read what the locals see.


A simple application to have but can be really useful in a sticky situation. There are dozens of these applications out there and any will do the trick.

Wi-Fi finder

You may think that Wi-Fi may not be your priority in a tough situation abroad but this application will help avoid you getting hacked. Public Wi-Fi is not safe in most countries abroad and definitely not a place where you want to access your email or bank accounts. The Wi-Fi finder application will help you find Wi-Fi that you can trust.


This may be overkill for most people, however if you are worried about getting hacked or have to access information considered sensitive in that country then use a VPN which will provide a secure and safe way to browse the internet. A lot of the western websites that are taken as everyday are banned and illegal to access in certain countries so it is better to be aware of the rules and regulations before you travel.

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