Send Money Globally And Have Cash Delivered By A Human ATM Via HelloBit


Have you ever wondered a service which offers you to send your money to loved ones globally and that too at half the cost of traditional services by harnessing the power of Bitcoin network? Well here we go, meet HelloBit. A service which sometimes known to be as money transfer offering or remittance taking different approach onto bring whole new height to making things simple when it comes to transfer money.

HelloBit helps you match the receiver to a local person or place which can exchange bitcoin in your local currency while the company also lets you earn money using its mobile app. While to add more, using the bitcoin protocol if one considers talking things in security manner, then HelloBit never has any control of your money, means you are the one who got complete control – bringing simple secure situation all the time.

Sounds amazing? Huh. Explore HelloBit today.

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