Start Paying Less With FeeX


Your retirement is sorted, you have your savings stacked away in your bank account and you put your legs up and are relaxing. But did you know that even with your retirement funds lying there in your account untouched you are losing a fair share of your interest in fees. Yes that’s right, with say a nominal interest that you get on your money that is stacked in the bank, you lose something as close to 1% in fees.

Now this may sound trivial but just think of it in terms of your savings and how much you get in hand. Say if you have 100,000 stacked away, 1% of that is a staggering $1000 which suddenly seems like a lot if it’s only for fees. FeeX is the brainchild of someone who noticed and fought this system early on. Uri, launched FeeX in 2012 and the company has helped many by spreading such knowledge that gets pushed under the fine print or comes under umbrella terms like expense ratios.

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