The Astounding Impact Of Comic Book Characters


For many decades, comic book characters have fascinated and entertained the world in many different ways. These characters, introduced to the world by comic book giants such as Marvel and DC Comics, have been taken from the pages of the comics onto both the small and big screen and their popularity over recent years simply seems to have increased with new generations enjoying the change to delights in both the superheroes and the super-villains that were created all those years ago.

One of the best known brands in the world is Marvel, which has brought some of the most well known characters to the world over the decades. Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Spiderman are just a few of the major characters created by Marvel over the years. Another major player is DC Comics which brought the likes of Batman and Spiderman to the world – again, huge characters that have graced the small and big screens in many different forms over the years from animated series’ for kids to pretty dark movies in the cinema.

Impact upon merchandising and products

While the initial aim of these comic book characters was to entertain via books, television and movies, the major players have managed to infiltrate many different industries and anything that is associated with well known comic book characters these days tends to enjoy superior levels of success in terms of popularity and sales.

Whatever types of products you look at, you will notice that the unbranded versions always tend to get far less attention – and far fewer sales – than those associated with superheroes or even super-villains from comics such as Marvel and DC. There are numerous products that have been themed around these comic book characters, ranging from stationery and phone cases through to t-shirts, posters, backpacks, lunch boxes and even chocolate bars.

Another area that has been strongly impacted by comic book characters is the gaming industry. There are many board games that have enjoyed huge success as a result of their affiliation with comic book characters such as the Marvel Heroes board game. Online gaming has also been impacted by superheroes and comic book characters. is a site that provides access to a range of online casinos and games, which includes games such as the Batman slot game. When you go on you will be able to access a variety of gaming and betting sites, many of which will offer access to other superhero based slot games.

With these comic book heroes and villains now known all around the world, there is little doubt that they will continue to make their mark across the globe for many generations to come. This is not just in terms of the world of entertainment but also the world of merchandising.

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