Top 5 Jaw Dropping Products

ICantBelieveTheyMakeThat is Australia’s best gift giving site that has seen hundreds of product submissions from Gold plated skateboards to Led light up shoes. We have compiled some of the most outrageous gifts and products seen in Australia that would sure to blow your socks off.

Floating Camera Viewer

This floatation camera tracks your face and can shoot for up 30 minutes, completely shock proof and can take a bit of a beating. Perfect for all those self made vloggers who don’t need to hire a production team.

Airbnb Airplane Rental


Wonder what it was like to live the mile high club while you’re on the ground ? Now you can with this ridiculous Airbnb Rental. Managing your Airbnb can be tough work  Hostmybnb is Sydney’s best Airbnb managers and can even manage … your Airplane. 

Stand Up Paddle Board

Paddle Boat

Drink wine and walking on water after a hard day of woodworking is not the stuff of legends, but a reality with this stand up walking paddle board that can glide you across those waves. (video)

Chocolate Anuses


Finally some chocolate butt holes you can “stink” your teeth into. I wonder who’s chocolate star fishes these are molded after?

Self Filling Water Bottle

Water Bottle

This device solves the world’s drinking water problem using humidity, solar and condensation to create almost a liter of drinking water per hour. We seriously cannot believe they make that.

Agree with this list? Have a look at ICantBelieveTheyMakeThat and see what other outrageous gift giving ideas you think should make this list?

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