A Video Blog – What All You Requires To Create One?


While the whole world is running for regular traditional ways of blogging, but still many from us want to go a step further and work onto to develop a video blog. Well, first of all, in simple statement, building a video blog, is not a rocket science actually, despite you got to take care especially for the software’s you plan on to use for developing one such website. Considering same, in this article, I will be sharing with you the tools you will be requiring to create a video blog.

Note: If in case, I missed out something in the list, or you think, some addition is needed, feel free to share it via the comment box below and if relevant, I will surely add it up in the article.

PowerDirector 9 Ultra: PowerDirector 9 Ultra offers end users a huge choice of templates and special effects to choose from while it can let users post videos directly to YouTube and Facebook. Moreover, it let users export the video is number of formats.

Windows Live Essentials

One of the best tool available, Windows Live Essentials will let you add music and graphics as well as lets you record videos. It allows you to save the videos as WMF files while giving you the freedom to post it directly to different social channels.

Adobe Visual Communicator 3

Another great program which lets you create videos for your vblog while the disheartened point is that you can’t upload them to YouTube.

Adobe Flash

An animation program by Macromedia (now under Adobe) is one of the best program available which comes an easy handed in letting you easily embed the videos you create directly to your website.


Muzivu allows you to create animated videos which come in handy with an extra bag of technical expertise. It comes either in pay as you go option or as an unlimited plan.


Another great offering, letting you make great videos easily. It will let you turn your regular pictures and video clips into rich videos while more easily will make them post directly to YouTube, Vimeo and other social networks.


Basically this is a marketplace which contains hundreds of thousands of ready video templates. It is a great source for those who got less or no time or who just want to try their hand in something different.

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