Your Fertility In Your Hands With Kindara


The high tech and high paced life that we lead now a days adds more stress every day. Every call missed from your boss, knowing that your connecting train is late or even the delay in delivery of your pizza causes stress because your smartphone keeps telling you every time what is happening. While we know that stress impacts your overall health, in women it can even take a toll on your fertility. This is why the team at Kindara thought, why not make the smartphone give you information that will really help you with your fertility.

By simply entering your data such as basal body temperature from time to time, consistency of cervical fluid, your days of menstruation and also whether you are having protected sex or not, Kindara can help you keep a tab on your fertility and guide you depending on whether you want to be pregnant or not.

Kindara can also help you keep tab of more custom information such as acne outbursts, if you would like to help you understand your body better. With many other women and experts using the app, help is always just a message away. This wonderful app that helps you understand your body better is available on iOS as well Android devices and can be paired with Wink, the body temperature monitor that syncs your data directly with the app.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Startup-Experts.

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