3 Ways To Produce More Effective Marketing Videos

Videos have gradually begun to dominate the world of digital marketing, due to their unparalleled ability to reach and engage viewers. But as much as marketing videos have the potential to be a powerful tool, they need to be produced in ways that tap into and take advantage of that potential.

If you want to produce more effective marketing videos, there are several excellent ways to get started:

Focus on telling a story – not pitching a sale

The most successful marketing videos are the ones that don’t try to push viewers into ‘buying’ a product using a hard sell approach, but rather focus on telling viewers a story that convinces them that they want to buy it instead. Not only are videos that focus on a story more engaging, but they are also more likely to be effective.

Ideally the story should center on the needs and desires of the target market that you’re trying to reach. It should be about something that they can relate to, and speak to them on an emotional level.

Hook viewers in the introduction

A marketing video’s introduction should have one goal above and beyond any other: To hook viewers.

Most viewers will decide very quickly whether they want to keep watching a video, and so the first few seconds of your marketing videos should focus on swaying them to stay and watch more. That can be done by placing a hook in the introduction and giving them a reason to stay.

A good hook should pique the interest of viewers, either by letting them know what they stand to gain or arousing their curiosity in some other way.

Find the right duration for your videos

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to the duration of marketing videos, and in many cases it is actually worse. Every video will gradually lose viewers over time, meaning that a longer video could have far fewer viewers by the time you get to the call to action.

Nowadays it is often recommended that marketing videos are between 1 to 2 minutes in duration – at most. That is a decent guideline to follow initially, but as you start to create videos you should and try to find the optimal video duration for the type of videos you’re creating, and the target audience that you want to reach.

In addition to these tips, you should always make sure that the quality of your marketing videos is top notch – as is their production value. Nowadays there are lots of movie editing software that can help on that front, and for example you could try Movavi Video Editor.

Always remember to track each marketing video that you publish and measure its performance using analytics. The data that you gather will be extremely useful, as it will allow you to evaluate your marketing videos and make improvements to any videos that you produce in the future. In time that will let you produce marketing videos that are far more effective and tailored to your target market.

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