5 Amazing Social Media Tools Which You Definitely Want to Use

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Despite the fact that more and more people are living the life on social media, similar way, more and more people are always in search of amazingly awesome social media tools either for themselves or for their businesses. While the list of social media tools is a never ending list but with this content base, I figured out by sharing five amazing social media tools which you definitely want to use.

#1 Feedly

Feedly is a tool which connects you to the knowledge and information you care about. It lets you help in finding the great content you can share with your audience in both easy and efficient manner. Moreover, you are even able to subscribe to an RSS feeds as well as use the tool to discover new content related to the topics which interest you.

#2 Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a free tool which provides you statistics of Twitter usage. It is possible for you on how you are able to lose track of things while your Twitter account is growing. The tool also helps you in predicting what the future growth will be and if in case, you are looking onto to get reliable and true Twitter Followers, it is one such valuable tool which you plans on opting for.

#3 Bottlenose

Bottlenose works in as a capacity of a real time search engine which querifies all public information from social networks and then grouped together and displays them in algorithmic order as per their importance.

#4 Buffer

If you are into social sharing, then you will definitely think on considering Buffer as a relevant solution. Buffer is basically designed to offer you a personal more efficient solution to handle sharing on social media. It will make your life easier with a smarter way by which you will be able to schedule the great content you find it on. Buffer lets you fill up all what you want to convey in one single time, and then it does the posting work automatically for you throughout the day.

#5 Mention

If you are looking onto the tool which helps you monitor your brand presence, then consider using Mention will be a smart choice. With mention, you can monitor either of your brand or keywords on which are playing onto. You can even also respond directly to mentions you receive for your brand.

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