5 Best Apps Of 2017

These days’ phones are no longer just devices to stay in touch, it’s a pocket sized computer that is packed with information, has access to the whole world and is loaded with a lot of apps. In this ocean of apps, it sometimes gets difficult to figure out the ones that are hits and the ones that are misses, but you don’t have to worry about that we are here to do that for you. So if you are bored, don’t squander away your time browsing the internet, try these apps that we think really topped the charts this year.


These days we have a hundred things that we do online. From getting in touch with our friends and family on social media, to networking in the professional circle, to being part of an online role play game or even subscribing to movie sharing site, everything needs a password to keep it secured, and keeping track of those passwords can be a job in itself. But don’t you worry; coming to your rescue is 1Password. This unique app, helps create unique passwords for your multiple apps, syncing all your devices together, managing your passwords for you and all you require to do is just remember one password, the one to your 1Password.

Google Photos

We all need in some point in our digital lives, a place where we can safely keep our photographs that we keep, almost compulsively clicking. There have been many photo managing apps over the years, some have managed to wow us and have grown popular, but many have come and gone without anyone noticing. Google Photos however has been around the corner for a while now and is fast growing to be the most popular and secure place to store your photos. With unique categorising features, mini films, and a cloud storage, this super smart photo assistant is the best online.


No we absolutely couldn’t have an app list and not include any sports app, and the best in the biz still remains ESPN. From latest news on your favourite sport to getting fans from your club together, ESPN app has on offer. With a huge list of leagues, professional analysis that will help you best predict the outcome. If you are planning to up the ante with fun betting sites we highly recommend sites like BettingTop10, which is one of the best and the most trusted sites when it comes to betting on your favourite sport.


Whether you are on your way to an all summer road trip or are on your way to your aunt’s place in the suburbs, Waze is an app that everyone can benefit from. This smart app helps you figure out the fastest route out of a traffic situation, shortening your commute. Not only that,Waze also keeps track of accidents, road blockage, construction etc. that may cause you to slow down.

Dark Sky

Weather apps are everywhere and do what they do best predicts the weather. But I always find it a little annoying that I get an overall weather of a general area the size of the city, when all I need is just a small area. Sometimes I’m unlucky to be in the part of the city that has crappy weather while the rest has a fun time in the sun. So for us, there is Dark Sky, an app that predicts the weather of a locality down to your exact location.

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