A2 Hosting Reviewed: Managed WordPress Hosting, Automatic Backups And Excellent Support

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System people use today, it is useful when creating any kind of website. It is fast, efficient and has a lot of support; you can find multiple solutions to a single problem when you put it on the search engine, this is so because millions of people are using it and the number of users is ever growing, so someone must have encountered the problem you are encountering and found solution. As efficient as WordPress is, it often gets slow and reduces performance when not managed well. Managing and maintaining WordPress involves performing all the technical tasks like optimizing speed, optimizing security, updating WordPress and its components, etc. And the non-technical tasks such as posting content, managing users, comments, contacts, email lists, etc.

Performing technical tasks alone can take up a whole day that is if you have the required knowledge to perform the tasks in the first place. People often end up messing things up while trying to do these technical maintenances and later have to pay experts to fix it. What if there is a way to get help managing the technical aspect of your WordPress website while you manage the non-technical aspect? Well, there are two ways; it is either you hire a web administrator which attracts a lot of money or purchase a Managed WordPress Hosting plan which perform the same function as the first option but at a lesser price.

Managed WordPress Hosting is the ideal option for hosting WordPress websites; you get your entire technical job done by experts from your hosting company, you get special support and free access to premium WordPress components and lot more. Few more reasons why Managed WordPress is the best when hosting WordPress are explained below;

Speed: fast loading websites convert traffic into revenue more efficiently and also rank higher on search engines, delivering great user experience to your visitors will get them more engaged in your website activities. A WordPress website can become slow for numbers of technical reasons, and that is what you will have to find out yourself if you are not on the Managed WordPress Hosting plan. This hosting plan provides infrastructure as well as resources to optimize your WordPress website speed even under the heaviest traffic.

Security: every second of a day, resilient armies of hackers are exploring every corner of the web to find vulnerability in websites so that they can break-in and hijack a weak website for their nefarious purpose. They guess passwords and try attacking outdated SSL certificates, themes, and plugins. Securing your WordPress website requires setting up a firewall and continues updates of its components, this can turn into a daily task because newer versions of each component will not be released at the same time. Managed WordPress Hosting takes care of these by automating the updating process, everything on your website will be up-to-date and your website’s security will be at its peak.

Automatic Backups: you never know when you might need a backup, not that you should be expecting your website to crash, but you know anything can happen. It is advised to backup at least once a week or daily if you have the time. These can consume a lot of time or you might forget and skip some days, and this is likely the time the unexpected happens. Managed WordPress Hosting offers daily backup and restore points in case you wish to revert.

Support: having all the above benefit is good, but getting help when you need it most is better. With Managed WordPress Hosting, you have access to dedicated supports that respond and fix issues faster than other industrial web hosting supports.

A2 Hosting.com

A2 Hosting is a hosting company that has been providing quality web hosting services since 2001, they offer many convenient hosting plans for various web hosting needs. One of the hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting is the Managed WordPress Hosting which is packed with a lot of amazing features such as Free Jetpack Personal License, developer tools, free WordPress themes and plugins, and lots more including the features mentioned earlier.

If for any reason Managed WordPress Hosting is not for you, they also offer a variety of other services. With services ranging from standard Shared Hosting to Fully Managed VPS Hosting to Dedicated Servers, rest assured they have something for everyone.

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