Adarza BioSystems Provides Next Generation Tools To Transform Medical Research And Diagnostic Testing

Would you not like to be part of the next big thing in the diagnostic market? What if we told you that an upcoming technology would save people the trouble to doing multiple tests? What if we told you that this technology would be as disruptive in the market as gene chips were a few years ago.

This is the revolutionary technology called Arrayed Imaging reflectometry or AIR. Developed by Adarza Biosystems, AIR promises to completely revolutionize the way point of care testing (POC) is being done in the world today and will provide rapid answers to clinicians in a short span of time. The AIR technology is not only easy to use but also flexible. It also enables labs to deliver reports on hundreds of analytes all by using a single drop of blood. Truly, Adarza Biosystems has ushered in a new future of diagnostics.

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